Free an Open-Source Apps for the web is a website dedicated to hosting various Free an Open-Source apps and games for the web. Click the following links to get more info about apps, get more info or access the source code.


Dictaphone.js is a digital dictaphone application for the web in general and FirefoxOS in particular. You can create any number of sound clips of any length (limited by the size of your local disk partition). You can play back sound clips, instantly seek to a given position of the clip and play or record several clips at the same time. It is based on the WebAudio and IndexedDB APIs.

SVGReal is an online open-source SVG editor. With it you can open most SVG resources available on the Internet or your local PC, view them, edit them, combine them with other SVG resources, export the result back to SVG.


Memokid is an interactive game to train your memory. You must remember the position of colored cards and flip cards with the same picture to form pairs or triplets and beat your oponents or the computer.

Push push is an SVG adaptation of the classic tile puzzle game: the player must reorder the tiles by pushing them in order to form an image.

lib-gwt-svg-chess is a chess game implemented in javascript and SVG. It was written originally as a demonstrator for lib-gwt-svg. It uses carballo-gwt, a GWT-ified form of the powerful Carballo chess engine by Alberto Alonso Ruibal. The SVG chess artwork comes from wikipedia‘s article on chess pieces.

The goal of this game is to connect the dots in order to form a picture. There is a game level editor you can use to edit existing levels (a later version will enable creating new levels).

The goal of this game is to solve a randomly generated labyrinth.

Puzzle is an SVG puzzle game. You must drag and drop pieces to the proper location to form an image.

lib-gwt-svg-edu is a new project based on lib-gwt-svg. The goal is to write educational games for kids of age 4 to 6 years old. Technically, the games are completely open source and playable in a standards compliant browsers. The games are graphically appealing but with an actual educational value (not just cute or fun to play). Thus, the game concepts are developed in partnership with